Tuesday December 3, 2019 The Daily Drift

Snowflakes Are Worrisome?

Is our latest generation a big cause for worries for the survival of our country? Click Here for Details

A Real Witness

ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskiy is shown President of Ukraine is the real witness for alleged Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Click Here for Story

Licensure Mandates Cost Michigan Jobs And Millions In State Revenue

Job restrictions also have disparate impact on youth and minorities

Racist Liberals

Conservative black students stand up to racist left wing mob Click Here for Story

Democrats Hurting America’s Negotiation Ability

Attacks on the President while negotiating with NATO hurts America’s leverage Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Could Win Dem Primary?

The naysayers say no but… Click Here for Story

Schiff in the Hotseat

Rep Adam Schiff could be one of the first to have to testify? Click Here for Details


Lisa Page interview not so good? Click Here for Story

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