Tuesday January 10, 2017

Back Handed Compliment?

Urban League cites Obama’s failures on his”excellent” report card Click Here for Story and Video

The Leftist Bias of U of M

Law professor at University of Michigan shows how its become a haven for liberal progressives Click Here for Details

Where the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Goes

  What if the Legislature and governor hike gas and vehicle registration taxes to fix the roads, but then hardly any extra money goes to fix the roads? … more

Number Getting Unemployment Checks Lowest In At Least 30 Years In Michigan

T  The number of people receiving unemployment checks in Michigan reached at least a 30-year low this past October. … more

Original SCOTUS

Poll: Americans want a SCOTUS nominee who will interpret the Constitution as ‘originally written’Americans want new Supreme Court judge to interpret the Constitution as originally written Click Here for Story

Rand’s Replacement Policy

Rand Paul rolling out ObamaCare replacement this week Senator Paul will roll out his Obamacare replacement this week Click Here for Details

How Much Did US Surrender to Iran?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  More than $10 Billion in gold and cash assets Click Here for Story

…And Guess What Will They Do With It?

   Iran expands military spending Click Here for Details

The Trump Magnet

China’s Jack Ma wants to create 1 million jobs in US Click Here for Story and Video

US Ship Has to Fire at Iranian Boats

US Naval vessel reacts to threatening Iranian attack boats Click Here for Details

Blame Russia?

 US can blame itself for not stepping up on cyber security Click Here for Story

Fake News Identifies with MSM

The Fake News propaganda has backfired and now pertains more to mainstream media than alternative media or social media Click Here for Story

Assange Blasts Intel Report

No evidence for conclusions of US intel report Click Here for Details

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