Tuesday January 16, 2018

“Lyin’Dick Durbin”

President hits back at Dem Senator Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law Drives Up Costs

  I recently installed a new roof on my house. Before doing so, I did what any responsible homeowner does — I got bids from different companies and made a decision by balancing quality and costs and using market competition to my advantage. … more

DTE Produces Enough Wind Power To Run 24,000 Homes – But Part Of The Day Only

  DTE Electric Company, Michigan’s largest electric utility, uses a simple rhetorical device to explain the impact of solar and wind energy. But one expert says it misleads people by making renewable energy appear more useful than it is in reducing the need for electricity from conventional fuel sources. … more

Alveda King Says President Is NOT Racist

Niece of Martin Luther King says the President’s policies are helping the African American community Click Here for Story

Making America Great Again

Unemployment rate for African Americans hits all time low Click Here for Details

Twitter Spying on YOU

Twitter has been paying hundreds of people to look at your private messages and pics Click Here for Story

Well There You Go…

 Senator Linsdey Graham calls countries south of the US border hellholes? Click Here for Details

Helping Haiti

Senator Rand Paul reminds that Trump financed a medical help trip in Haiti Click Here for Details

Your Money..Wasted?

US National Mango board gets how much money? Click Here for Details

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