Tuesday January 29, 2013

Flood Watch for the Huron

Weather service issues flood warning with warming temps Click Here for Details

The February Courant is now online

 Click Here to View

Money Doesn’t Always Work

More Pre-School spending not the answer Click Here for Story

Employees In Right-to-Work States Are Richer

When adjusting for the cost of living, workers in right-to-work states have 4.1 percent higher incomes

By Tom Gantert | Follow Tom Gantert on Twitter Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Scores of right-to-work critics ranging from politicians to economists have cited lower per-capita incomes in right-to-work states as why the… Click Here for More

Outrageous Union Request

WMU professors asking for 9 year contract to avoid RTW Click Here for Details


The Devil, the Nazis and the Mercedes Benz

by Michael Goodell

I saw a television ad the other day heralding some exciting new development Mercedes Benz is unveiling next month. The commercial showed a car shrouded in mystery. The visual was…Click Here for More 

Immigration Reform a Possibility?

Bi-Partisan group ready to try legislation Click Here for Story

Sandy Hook Father Says Gun Laws Aren’t the Answer

Personal responsibility and enforcement of existing laws is what is necessary Click Here for Details

Hillary Begins Campaign

Just after coming off a terrible performance at Benghazi Hearing Clinton looks to campaign Click Here for Story

Don’t Forget the Old (Real) Hillary

Her words are not forgotten Click Here for a Refresher

A Little Odd?

Army training exercise in Houston raises eyebrows Click Here fro Details

Good Sheriffs

Some Sheriffs want you to be armed and protected Click Here for Story





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