Tuesday July 30, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Detroit Debates

Dems head to Detroit for debate round 2 Click Here for Details

Shooting at Garlic Festival

Latest info on shooting that left 3 dead dozens injured Click Here for Story

Top 10 Michigan School Superintendents All Get Above $200,000

Life at the top of public education

Michigan Utilities Plan for an Inefficient Future 

Fossil fuels still do the heavy lifting

The Truth About Baltimore

forget the tweets look at the facts Click Here for Details

Gary Model Suggests Way Forward for Benton Harbor Students

 Effective dual-enrollment school serves similar community

Is Bernie Racist?

Senator Sanders made similar remarks about Baltimore but never got called racist Click Here for Details

Eye In The Sky

Satellites are now watching your every move? Click Here for Story

Smell the Rats

Baltimore Mayor’s infamous interview Click Here for Details

Get to The Bottom Of It

The Justice Department needs to investigate origins of the Mueller probe Click Here for Story


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