Tuesday July 9, 2013

Search for A2 Schools  Superintendent

A2 School board interviews candidates Click Here for Details

New Sentencing Guidelines

State looks at new prison sentencing guidelines Click Here for Story

Top 10 City Elementary and Middle Schools

By Audrey Spalding | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Our new “Context and Performance” Report Card factors student poverty levels into standardized test scores for over 2,000 public elementary and middle schools in Michigan and ranks the schools accordingly. Here’s a list of the top performing city elementary and middle schools on our report card. …more

Union Pay Scale Ignores Exceptional Teachers

Oakland County middle school teacher of the year salary ranks her 147th out of 198 in her district

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Hadeel Azzo was named Oakland County Outstanding Middle School “Teacher of the Year,” and for that she received a $2,000 award. However, Azzo’s union ensures that she made nearly $34,000 a year less than the top of the scale teachers in her own district. … more

White House Rejects Calls for Disrupting Aid to Egypt

Not a coup…yet Click Here for Details

Another Police Abuse of Constitutional Rights

Driver exercising his Constitutional Rights at DUI checkpoint gets abuse from Officers who admit he’s innocent Click Here for Story

Common Sense Congress?

House Majority Leader John Boehner says secure border before giving amnesty Click Here for Details

Muslim Cleric Arrested

Charged with planning attacks against US and Israel Click Here for Story

Death Toll Rises in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood upping the ante in attacks against Military and opposition Click Here for Details

Internet Censorship?

Video of Pro-Morsi Islamists throwing people off roof is disappearing from the internet but still available  Click Here for Video

MSNBC is Obama Television?

Ex-insider says MSNBC is water carrier for the Obama Admin? Click Here for Details

Whose Screams?

Zimmerman trial shows Trayvon Martin’s father had doubts about who was screaming in 911 call Click Here for Story

Obamacare Culture of Death

Congressional Budget Office says aborting 20+ week fetuses at 30 per day saves money for Obamacare?  Click Here for Details

Another Scandal or Cover Up?

Law office of Federal Whistleblower  broken in to Click Here for Story

February Elections for Egypt?

Interim government says elections to be held in 6 months Click Here for Details

Trayvon Had Pot in System

Judge okays for trial to include information that Trayvon Martin had pot in his system when killed Click Here for Story

How Many Americans Get Food Assistance?

You will want to know Click Here for Details











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