Tuesday June 5, 2018

SCOTUS Sides with Baker

Baker does NOT have to bake a gay wedding cake Click Here for Details

Silly Obstructionists

Despite no evidence Democrats block nominations over Russian collusion allegations Click Here for Story

Shri Thanedar Talks State Government

  Michigan Capitol Confidential sits down with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar for an interview. … more

Reverse Course on Restricting Medicaid Workers With Criminal Backgrounds

 The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a policy that would severely limit people who have criminal backgrounds from working as Medicaid providers.  … more

Using Your Second Amendment

Homeowner uses his own gun against home invaders…effectively Click Here for Story

NFL Doubles Down on Stupidity?

Kneeling during anthem gets you disinvited to the White House? Click Here for Details

Year of the Volcanoes?

Guatemalan Volcano explodes killing 62 so far Click Here for Story

Soros Favors Elites

Failed policies favor elites Click Here for Details


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