Tuesday March 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

St Patricks Day

Tough Day to celebrate this year Click Here for Details

The Fed Can’t Help

People are investing on bad emotions and not logic Click Here for Details

Smart or Overkill

Michigan Governor orders restaurants to close dine in services Click Here for Story

Michigan Per-Pupil Funding Reaches All-Time High

New state data shows clear upward financial trend

Shutting Down a Country

Is this all by accident? Click Here for Details

Another Stimulus?

As economy sputters because of virus fears government talks new stimulus package Click Here for Details

Why Michigan Must Shun Rep Rashida Tlaib

David Hogg and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. (Getty Images) Disgusting behavior is only one of many reasons for Michiganders to unelect this Congressperson Click Here for Story

What Single Payer Health Care Does

Still like socialism?  Elderly could be left to die in Italy Click Here for Story

Testing Reaches Turning Point

Surgeon General says CDC reacted in record time Click Here for Details

Liberals Ruined the CDC

Wrong priorities from past administrations  left CDC at risk Click Here for Story


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