Tuesday March 27, 2018

Republicans Blocking Trump Nominees?

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, John Thune, John BarrassoWhy are they making it harder to confirm? Click Here for Story

A Look At The State Budget for Business Subsidies

 Gov. Rick Snyder moved from being a skeptic of business subsidies to a supporter over time. His latest budget shows his legacy on the issue. … more

Tariff Exemptions

South Korea joins the ranks of exempted countries Click Here for Details

Costs At Issue For Raising Age On Adult Criminal Prosecution

 State legislators are considering a package of bills that would cause Michigan’s criminal justice system to handle most cases involving 17-year-olds to be tried in juvenile courts, instead of adult courts. … more

Expelling Russia

Trump Admin expelling Russian diplomats over alleged assassinations Click Here for Details

Stocks Jump

Big gain on Wall Street after last week’s drop Click Here for Story

Friendly Visit or Not?

Kim Jong Un makes rare visit to China Click Here for Story and Video

No Evidence

 Liberal Legal Expert Alan Dershowitz says there is no evidence of Crimes by Trump Campaign Click Here for Story

More Back Door Gun Control

  Wasserman-Schultz wants back ground checks for Ammo? Click Here for Details


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