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What Was Pete Promised?

Image result for buttigieg Buttigieg mulls Biden endorsement Click Here for Details

Another Win for Trump Admin?

Court ruling supports the administration Click Here for Story

Lawmakers, Education Officials Looking To Inject Gender Politics Into Michigan Schools

Yet no cultural consensus in sight on introducing this to schoolchildren

GOP Raking it In

Democrat stupidity is pushing voters to the Republican party Click Here for Details

Coronavirus Already in US?

Could the virus already be widespread in US but most people don’t know they’ve even been infected? Click Here for Story

More Travel Restrictions

Flights from more locations being restricted Click Here for Details

Uhhhhh OK?

A Shiite Iranian man kisses the grave of Saint Ali Akbar shrine, in northern Tehran, Iran, Sunday, June 23, 2013. Hatreds between Shiites and Sunnis are now more virulent than ever in the Arab world because of Syria's brutal civil war. Hard-line clerics and politicians on both sides have added …Iranians show lack of fear of Coronavirus by doing what? Click Here for Story

Corona Virus Bureaucrats

Who really is pushing the Coronavirus? Click Here for Details



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