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Small Business Help Available Friday?

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says small business loans should be available by Friday Click Here for Details

Stay Home and Stay Distant

Avoiding and limiting contact is key in keeping death toll down Click Here for Story

Never Mind Lockdown, Dentists Shut Down By Demand For Masks

If suppliers could raise prices surgical masks might not disappear so fast

Capitalism At Work

Another new testing is soon to be available Click Here for Details

Union Handout in the Coronavirus Stimulus Act

Congress should be focused on the health and economic safety of the country

COVID-19 Was Present Earlier Than Thought?

New study says the disease may have been around the world earlier than December Click Here for Details

Part of Florida Gets Stay at Home Order

South Florida gets Governor order to stay at home Click Here for Details

Pelosi Keeps Politicizing Pandemic

Speaker trying to blame POTUS for Corona Virus deaths depsite his early actions Click Here for Story

China Lying and People Are Still Dying?

A nurse walks in an area where doctors take video calls from patients suffering various symptoms and illnesses, to avoid crowding at Xuhui District Hospital in Shanghai on March 9, 2020. - China reported 22 new deaths on March 9 from the new coronavirus epidemic, and the lowest number of …New reports say China is covering up death numbers and lying about recovery Click Here for Details

Invisible War?

Its not just the virus were fighting there are other invisible enemies Click Here for Story

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