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Bad Cure

The Untreated Epidemic Of Medical Student Depression | Health Affairs Lock down itself is causing death Click Here for Story

The Health Costs of the Shutdown

Stopping other health care services for Covid is now costing lives Click Here for Details

Is There Whitmer Biden Corruption?

Biden Confirms He's Considering Gretchen Whitmer as His VP Pick ... Expose’ on the Cherry Health scandal? Click Here for Story

Make China Pay?

Will tariffs punish China for its Covid 19 actions? Click Here for Story

Michigan Falling Behind On ‘How Open For Business’ Ranking

New York last, South Dakota highest on 11-factor test

Opposing Whitmer

Michigan Militia says it won’t allow police to arrest barber for opening his shop Click Here for Details

The Emergency Administration

Gov. Whitmer made wide use of emergency powers before COVID-19

Ring of Fire

Earthquakes rattle the Pacific ring of fire Click Here for Story

Good News?

Larry Kudlow is director of the White House National Economic Council. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/AFP via Getty Images) 80% of current layoffs are furloughs for Covid? Click Here for Details

Fake News Guy?

Chuck Todd caught deceptively editing interview of AG Barr Click Here for Story

Facebook is The Enemy

Facebook is putting all the wrong people in charge of censorship Click Here for Details

Trump Right Again

Crazy how often the President is right and the media is wrong Click Here for Story

Elon vs The Democrats

Tesla FOunder Elon Musk running at odds with Democrats in California Click Here for Details

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