Tuesday May 14, 2013

Don’t Miss It! Catch This Weeks Drift Radio Show with Gary Wellings as we hammer the Feds for Benghazi Click Here for Podcast


North Territorial Repairs May Have to Wait

Pot holes and rough conditions for Northeast Washtenaw residents Click Here for Details

Livingston Real Estate Heating Up

Home sales increasing and prices are rising Click Here for Story

Democrat U.S. Rep. Gary Peters Praises Michigan’s GOP-Led Recovery

But then resorts back to Democratic talking points and says Michigan rebound because of auto bailout

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

“I’d say that the auto industry is an important part of it, especially in the early stages of the recovery,” said University of Michigan Economist Don Grimes. ”But it has really been much broader than that. There has been quite remarkable growth in other sectors, such as construction. If anything, the economic rebound in Michigan has been underestimated.” … more

Fla. Medicaid: Governor Proposes, House Disposes

Obamacare expansion wilts in Sunshine State

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Wall Street Journal reports that the part-time Florida Legislature has adjourned for the year without approving the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which Gov. Rick Scott famously flip-flopped into supporting earlier this year.  … more

Lying or Incompetent?

Obama says he didn’t know about IRS scandal until the news broke but his Administration was notified last month? Click Here for Story

Someone Should be Fired Now?

Obama Admin says too early to fire anyone in IRS Scandal Click Here for Details

Chinese Hackers Running Free

Hacking stealth fighter plans at will? Click Here for Story

Why are the Feds rounding up phone call information from the Associated Press? Click Here for Details

Will Petraeus Testify?

The list of would be witnesses could get ugly for Obama Admin Click Here for Story

Are Your Health Care Premiums About to Explode?

Some inside industry analysts say Obama Care will bring 1005 to 400% jump in premiums Click Here for Details

Pay No Attention to Those Dead Americans from Benghazi

Obama calls investigation into Benghazi murders a sideshow Click Here for Video

Issa Says Hillary and Obama NOT Targets

Investigation looking for truth and not part of political motivation Click Here for Details


1/3 of Puerto Rico gets food stamps Click Here for Details

End the Double Dip?

New Jersey looks to end double dip of pensions and post retirement salaries Click Here for Story

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