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Co-Opting Coivd

Democrats using the Pandemic crisis to push their socialist agenda Click Here for Story

Ignoring Whitmer

Another Michigan business defies Governor Whitmer’s un-Constitutional orders Click Here for Story

POTUS Uses Hydroxy Chloroquine/Zinc

And the media and bought off medical experts lose their minds Click Here for Story and Video

Lockdown Lies

We are being lied to Click Here for Story

Michigan vs. the Midwest: Reopening Plan Vague Compared To Neighbor States’

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois residents know where they’re going and when

Watch What They Do: Cell Phones Show Michigan Residents Travelling More

Despite a Whitmer ‘stay at home’ message on gas pump ads

Online Schools ?

Could teaching jobs be at risk? Click Here for Story

Lock Down Based on Faulty Data

Neil Ferguson

Was this an accident or just bad data? Click Here for Details

Big Tech Censoring

Truth tellers being censored by the social media giants Click Here for Details

New Details on the Pensacola Terror Attack

an air force team moves the remains of a sailor killed in a december 2018 shooting at naval air station pensacola

Info shows it was Al Qaeda related Click Here for Story

Democrats to Pay Illegals?

Once again Democrats side with illegals while Americans suffer Click Here for Story

Democrat Ties to China

Candidate Mark Kelly has ties to China funding? Click Here for Details

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