Tuesday May 28, 2013

Local Veteran Stays Motivated

After debilitating injury local veteran uses golf as therapy Click Here for Story

Local Veteran Tells Story of Survival in WWII

Surviving Bataan Click Here for Details

10 Suspects Now Detained in UK

Police have 10th suspect after murder of British Soldier Click Here for Story

US Secretary of Mis-Statement?

Secretary John Kerry making some ridiculous comments Click Here for Details

No Recess for IRS Scandal

Lawmakers press on with investigation Click Here for Story

New Leads in Paris Soldier Stabbing

French Authorities looking for bearded man who was praying before attack Click Here for Details

Syrian Conflict Worsens

Signs of more chemical attacks Click Here for Story

McCain Meets Syrian Rebels

Who should we be supporting? Click Here for Details

New Fed Chairman?

Who will replace Bernanke Click Here for head of The Fed? Click Here for Story

Bloggers Shouldn’t Get 1st Amendment Rights?

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin doesn’t believe Internet blog journalists should have the same Constitutional Rights as other press Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Dems Want to Punish Police Unions?

Wisconsin Dem Senator wants law enforcement and firefighters to not have collective bargaining? Click Here for Details




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