Tuesday May 5, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The FBI Cover Up

Information being released shows corruption at the highest levels of the Obama  FBI and DOJ Click Here for Details

Will Covid19 Cost Teachers Jobs?

With remote learning less teachers would be needed? Click Here for Story

‘Senseless’ Elective Surgery Lockdown May Put Hillsdale Hospital Under

Testing, x-rays, blood draws, operating room, staff: ‘We lose everything’

Idiot Acosta

Agendist reporter gets owned once again Click Here for Story

Michigan Heads Into Uncertainty as Dispute May Allow Emergency Orders to Expire

People may have to decide for themselves how to best keep safe

The New Normal?

 Language of the unhappy Click Here for Story

Time for Justice

People at DOJ and FBI must pay for their crimes Click Here for Details


EU officials says Europe has been 'naive' about China EU finally begins to not trust China? Click Here for Details

Amazon Unrest

VP quits and bashes company for firing whistleblowers? Click Here for Story

No #MeToo for Governor Whitmer

Biden nuzzles Stephanie Carter at her husband Ash Carter's swearing-in ceremony in 2015. (Photo: Screen capture) Gretchen Whitmer believes creepy Joe Biden over Tara Reade to play for her VP spot? Click Here for Details

Did China “Launch” the Coronaq Virus?

Was Coivd19 part of a CCP effort to retain control in China? Click Here for Story

Hide My Stuff

Joe Biden rejects calls to open his records hidden at University of Delaware Click Here for Details

 The Constitutionality of Lock Downs

Quarantining the healthy may be violating Constitutional rights Click Here for Story

Universities of Hate

Top ten anti-Semite professors being paid by taxpayers? Click Here for Details

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