Tuesday November 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com


Were John Kelly and Rex Tillerson working to hurt the Trump Admin? Click Here for Story

Boosting Boris?

Nigel Farage might be supporting Boris Johnson and Brexit strategy? Click Here for Details

Teacher Shortage? For Physics Maybe, But Not Phys-Ed

Union pay restrictions prevent schools from filling some slots

Detroit Schools Fiscal Decline Began Before Emergency Manager

Media narrative blames school district’s deficits on state, ignore its previous history

Give a Second Chance?

ISIS Bride wants a second chance to be an American Click Here for Details

MSM Misinformation Campaign Is Working

Many still expect a recession despite all the fact Click Here for Story

Never Trumper

If you watch Fox you already know Judge Napolitano became a never Trumper Click Here for Details


  Rep Ilhan Omar criticizes coup in Bolivia while she supports one in America Click Here for Story

Holding Accountability

Trump Admin is firing VA workers for not doing their jobs taking care of Veterans Click Here for Details

Protecting Pedophiles?

MSM anchors ignoring stories about Epstein Click Here for Details

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