Tuesday November 26, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Sides With Military Men and Women

Image result for eddie gallagher Not the arm chair generals and bureaucrats? Click Here for Details

Flint School Officials Blow It Again On Budget, Heading Back Into Debt

A shadow of its former self, district enrolls just 16% the number of kids as in 2000

Bad Education

Oberlin College celebrates terrorists Click Here for Story

Needs to Be Done

Senator Graham says his conscience is clear on moving to investigate Bidens and Ukraine Click Here for Details

Inside Epstein’s Island

Image result for epstein island  First look at Pedophile Island? Click Here for Story

Fear The Liberals?

Majority feel anti-Trumpers will bring violence after re-election Click Here for Details

Chick-Fil-A’s Problem

Going left and leaving their customers wishes in the wind? Click Here for Story

Black Voters Moving Toward Trump

New record support from the African American community for POTUS Trump Click Here for Story


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