Tuesday October 25, 2016

The FBI is Bought?

Clinton ally gives huge campaign donation to wife of FBI Official Click Here for Story and Video

Mr. Fix It Unmasked

hillary-clinton-fix-it-exposed-f   Clinton operative is opening up on The Clintons  on National Television Click Here for Story

What Are Hillary Aides Hiding?

Staffer pleads “The 5th” more than 90 times Click Here for Story and Video

Detroit’s Stafford is Good…

But good enough for MVP? Click Here for Story

$1 Billion of Tax Money Thrown Into a Growing Deficit

   Michigan lawmakers pumped an extra $1 billion into the school employee pension fund. But that is insufficient to pay even the interest on the debt, let alone catch up on the $26.7 billion of unfunded liabilities. … more

Even Anti-Trump website The Blaze Says Trump Can Still Win

Mainstream media says Hillary is in the bag but not so fast Click Here for Details

WikiLeaks: Granholm’s Obama Job Application Oversold Clean Energy Jobs

   The leaked WikiLeaks emails released this month offer insight into former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s belief that she could reinvent the state’s economy. … more

Proof of Rigged System?

Project Veritas ties Hillary to more campaign deceit and violence? Click Here for Story

Can Soros Change Election Outcome?

George Soros owned voting machines could mean a very dishonest election Click Here for Details

Military Veterans Getting Screwed by Government

Told to repay re-enlistment bonuses from  years earlier Click Here for Story and Video

US Drops in Press Freedom

   Now down to 41st in the world for Freedom of the Press Click Here for Story

Liar in Chief

Eric Holder waves while applauded by colleagues and US President Barack Obama (R) during his portrait unveiling ceremony at the Justice Department February 27, 2015 in Washington, DC.Obama says he has had no major scandal during his Adminsitration? Click Here for Story

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