Wednesday April 11, 2018

POTUS Right Again

China comes to negotiating table on tariffs Click Here for Story

Witch Hunt Continues

102617 Correll Rod Rosenstein doesnt believe voters picNo Russian Collusion so Mueller probes looks for anything they can to protect the Deep State Click Here for Story

Detroit People Mover Maintenance Worker Paid $174,602 In 2017

 The highest-paid employee of the Detroit People Mover monorail train last year wasn’t the general manager. It was a maintenance employee who had a base salary of $57,220 but ended up collecting $174,602 in total. … more

Back To The Future With Renewable Energy Puffery

 Activists and businesses that profit from wind and other renewable energy sources often claim that these produce additional jobs, and that this is a benefit. … more

Mueller The Hypocrite

Mueller probing $150K donation to Trump from Ukrainian billionaire who gave millions to ClintonsInvestigation 2015 Trump for a $150k foundation donation even though Clintons accepted millions Click Here for Details

GOP Does Not Control the Senate?

Schumer pushes for protection for Mueller witch hunt Click Here for Story

Mueller Targeting Lawyers

America should be worried when government starts targeting your attorneys Click Here for Details  It’s UnConstitutional? Click Here for Story

Deadly Cancun

9 murders in 24 hours Click Here for Story

Zuck Testifies

Zuckerberg not under oath but legally bound to tell the truth or… Click Here for Details

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