Wednesday April 13, 2016

Trump Gets Serious About California

Hires new campaign director the state of California Click Here for Story

Scariest Thing About Today’s World

This SEAL has one main worry Click Here for Details

Top Rated School Could Be Closed in Battle Creek

  With a statewide debate going on about how to deal with failing schools, one city may be closing its best performing school.  … more

Hillary Racist?

Caught in racial joke with New York Mayor ?  Click Here for Details and Video

Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

   However attractive you think the Pure Michigan ads may be, they amount to pure corporate welfare for the travel and leisure industry.  … more

A List of Failed Climate Predictions

Climate Change scam continues despite all the evidence against it Click Here for Details

The Wealthy Want Open Borders

635960740419430194-AX167-2F7E-9.JPG  They can continue to line their pockets with cheap immigrant labor at the expense of American workers Click Here for Story

Jail This SOB and Close the IRS

  Head of IRS says they encourage illegal immigrants to use stolen Social Security numbers Click Here for Details and Video

Refugees NOT Being Vetted

  Congressman Brat says there is a huge problem with Syrian inflow of refugees Click Here for Details

Lyin’ Ryan?

Paul-Ryan-I-Hate-the-Bill-AP-PhotoJ.-Scott-Applewhite-640x480  Speaker Ryan says he’s not running for Presidential nominee Click Here for Story


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