Wednesday April 18, 2018


033117 Lovelace Gorsuch 1 mil JCN pic Justice Gorsuch actually sided with Liberal justices on deportation case Click Here for Story

Special Tax Breaks For Privileged Firms Means Money Comes From Someone Else

 Every year across the state of Michigan, local governments approve property tax breaks that benefit businesses in a politically driven economic development system. … more

Income Tax Cut Could Bring 15,000 New Jobs to Michigan

 As Michigan citizens bump up against tax day, April 17, we should not forget that Lansing politicians still owe us a tax cut.  … more

Hogg Agenda Backfires

Laura Ingraham sees serious ratings growth since David Hogg launched his boycottAttempted boycott of Laura Ingraham gives her better ratings Click Here for Details

What Now Wisconsin?

Paul Ryan departure causes disruption in Congressional race Click Here for Story


Woman almost sucked out of plane Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

First urine test for cancer? Click Here for Story

Experts Blocked from Chemical Weapons Attack Site

What is Syria and Russia  hiding? Click Here for Details

The End of Europe?

Unprecedented migration from 3rd world will impact Europe severely Click Here for Story

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