Wednesday April 20, 2016

Trump Wins Big

    Big win in New York for Trump Click Here for Details

Governor Snyder Drinking Flint Water

Will drink Flint water for  ext 30 days to show its safe Click Here for Details

Closing Pensions for State Employees in 1990s Saved Michigan Millions Today

  Michigan lawmakers voted 20 years ago to close the state employee pension system to new members. That has saved the state millions of dollars. … more

Bye Bye Obamacare

United Health bails out on participating in Obamacare citing loses Click Here for Details

No Love for Ted

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. stands outside the House chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite, File) Congressman Peter King really doesn’t like Ted Cruz Click Here for Story

Protecting Saudis

Obama blasts bill that would release more 9/11 info Click Here for Details and Video

Many Jihadis are Well Educated?

Islamic State27Myth of ignorance among ranks of Islamic terrorists is dead wrong Click Here for Story

How Wrong is the System?

Cruz could get half of Pennsylvania delegates even if a distant third? Click Here for Details and Video

Schafly Still Rules

phyllis schlafly Getting heat for supporting Trump Click Here for Story and Video

Just Wrong

IRS re-hires employees fired for misconduct Click Here for Details

Strange Bedfellows

Will Bernie supporters follow Trump if Hillary steals election? Click Here for Story

ISIS Expansion

© AFP  Central Asia and Russia the next target Click Here for Details

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