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Democrats Take Aim at Gun Control

Ban on ammunition and high capacity magazines? Click Here for Details

Website Calls Detroit Charter School ‘Struggling,’ Silent On Failing District Schools Nearby

Charter scored a ‘C’ on income-adjusted school ratings, but its conventional competitors got an ‘F’

Michigan ‘Teacher Shortage’ Claims Not Factual

‘Anecdotal and media reporting is not sufficient’

Why the 2nd Amendment Protects Americans

Image result for condoleezza rice  Condoleeza Rice recounts story from childhood about guns protecting her family Click Here for Story

Tlaib’s Phony tears

Image result for tlaib crying  POTUS doesn’t believe the phony Rashida Tlaib story on Israel either Click Here for Details

States to Probe Big Tech

How are these giant monopolies affecting elections? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…Anyone Out There

Signals from deep space are tripling Click Here for Story

Muslim Infiltrators

Omar and Tlaib are only in Congress to hurt Israel ? Click Here for Details

Fair Facts or Sensors

Facebook ramping up to control news on its site Click Here for Story

Idiocy and Anti-Semitism

The new Democrat party quite clearly hates Jews Click Here for Story  and  Here for More Info

Harry Knows

Former Democrat Senator Harry Reid knows the Democrats are on the wrong track Click Here for Story

The New Arms Race

Strange how China and Russia condemn the US for the same thing they are doing regularly Click Here for Details

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