Wednesday August 7, 2019 The Daily Drift

Democrats Keep Pushing 2nd Amendment Restrictions?

Dems risk losing midwestern voters over gun control? Click Here for Details

Slippery Slope?

Michigan Dems push extreme risk bills? Click Here for Story

Renewables Get Far More Federal Subsidies Than Coal

Taxpayers paid $3.5 billion to wind and solar, $1.26 billion to coal

Eye On Google

US government will be watching Google for election interference Click Here for Story

Uncouth Obama

Quick to criticize although Bush never criticized his admin during shootings Click Here for Details

Chicken Little Rules Wall Street Pundits?

Is market being unjustly destabilized by the media? Click Here for Details

UK Joins US in Gulf

 Securing the Strait of Hormuz against Iranian aggression Click Here for Story

The Death of Journalism

NY Times bows to leftist pressure on a headline of Unity by the President Click Here for Details

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