Wednesday January 11, 2017

Disgraceful Libs Go Racist on Sessions

Image result for ira madison III Lib writer gets bigoted on AG nominee Session’s grandchildren Click Here for Story and Video

Kentucky Becomes Nation’s 27th Right-to-Work State

  Kentucky should expect an improved economy and higher wages after becoming a right-to-work state. … more

Volkswagen Settlement

$4.3 billion as part of settlement in exhaust fraud issue Click Here for Story

Number Getting Unemployment Checks Lowest In At Least 30 Years In Michigan

  The number of people receiving unemployment checks in Michigan reached at least a 30-year low this past October. … more

Anti-Police Painting Re-Hung in Capitol by Congressional Black Caucus

 Then taken down yet again Click Here for Story

Sessions Will Recuse Himself If Clinton Investigated

Sessions pledges to recuse himself from Clinton investigationsSays politics makes him not impartial Click Here for Details

FBI Knew Clinton Emails Were Vulnerable

As early as 2015 FBI warned Clinton server was a problem Click Here for Details

Black Pastors Support Sessions

636195788790602337-Black-pastors.jpg  Despite Liberals calling him racist African American pastors support Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General Click Here for Details

Small Business Optimistic!

Highest Optimism index since 1980 Click Here for Story

Senator Durbin Shows His Ignorance at Sessions Hearing

Image result for dick durbin Lib Senator forgets the Constitutional duties of Attorney General while trying to trip nominee up Click Here for Story

Obama’s Middle East Mistake

US misjudged appeal of Western democracy for Middle East during Arab Spring – CIA’s Brennan Arab world not ready for western style democracy? Click Here for Story

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