Thursday January 2, 2020 The Daily Drift


Judge in Hunter Biden case suddenly recuses himself? Click Here for Details

CapCon’s Top 10 Stories For 2019

Road Fix That Wasn’t, Gun-Free Zones, 1,100 Windmills Won’t Replace This Coal Plant

More Troops for Middle East

Unrest caused by Iran is forcing more US trrops to the region? Click Here for Details

More Michigan Internet Purchases Taxed Starting New Year’s Day

Some out-of-state sales tax collections began earlier; this new law adds another $80 million a year

Teach American Government and History

The answer for our youth is to teach them Civics and American history to combat fake news Click Here for Story

RINOs Raise their Heads

Susan Collins shows she’s part of the swamp? Click Here for Details

Iran Threats?

Ayatollah responds to threats from US Click Here for Story

Killing Evil

Jack Wilson Hero of Church shooting in Texas speaks out Click Here for Details

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