Wednesday January 30, 2013

The February Courant is now online  Click Here to View

Competency Hearing Results for I96 Shooter

Details this week Click Here for Story

How to Argue Gun Rights with the Liberal Media

Gun rights activist makes liberal anchorman look foolish Click Here for Details

Is This Fraud?

Birmingham schools gaming the system on schools of choice to get state money Click Here for Story

Kerry Gets the Nod

Senator gets confirmed as Secretary of State Click Here for Details

The Devil, the Nazis and the Mercedes Benz

by Michael Goodell

I saw a television ad the other day heralding some exciting new development Mercedes Benz is unveiling next month. The commercial showed a car shrouded in mystery. The visual was…Click Here for More

Scalia Understands the Constitution

Being “Dead” means the constitution lives on without crazy mis-interpretations Click Here for Story

Cool Pics From World War I

Some even in color, worth seeing Click Here for Details and Pics

Reid Doesn’t Endorse Gun Ban

Assault ban has uphill battle Click Here for Story

Time to Stop Supporting Egypt

More ignorant rhetoric from President Morsi and crew Click Here for Details

Egypt’s New Arab Spring?

Revolution against Muslim Brotherhood? Click Here for Story

New Record for Surfing?

Wave estimated over 100ft ridden Click Here for Details and Video



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