Wednesday July 24, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Make Americans Pay for It?

Rep Ilhan Omar says citizens should foot the bill for illegal immigrant abortions Click Here for Story

No Respect

New York Police disrespected because of liberal lawmakers and leaders Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Schools Sued for Discrimination

White principal files lawsuit Click Here for Story

Green Groups, Politicians, Media, Love Electric Cars, Consumers Cold On Them

Ford sales of plug-in electric cars down from 3,000 a month to less than 500

Township Wants Higher Taxes to Pay for Optional Employment Benefit

Insurance premiums offered to employees after retirement not fully prefunded

Launching the Spin

Pelosi and Democrats already spinning Mueller testimony Click Here for Details

Russian and China Triggering Military Action

Join patrols over South Korean airspace triggers warning shots Click Here for Story

Debt Deal Reached

┬áBut it doesn’t control spending Click Here for Details

Phony Rhetoric

Buttigieg says White Nationalism is the most deadly terror issue Click Here for Story

Nothing New?

DOJ tells Mueller to stick to his report in testimony? Click Here for Details


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