Wednesday June 13, 2018

What Did The Summit Accomplish

An agreement is reached but will it stand? Click Here for Story

Like All Spending, Environmental Spending Needs a Plan and Oversight

 Gov. Rick Snyder’s Renew Michigan proposal would impose an annual $79 million tipping fee on the waste management industry, ostensibly to “reduce waste in Michigan landfills,” and take the place of the now-expired Clean Michigan Initiative bond. … more

$8.4 Million Per Year for U-M Diversity Employees

The University of Michigan employs nearly 100 full-time diversity-related administrative staffers, costing almost $8.4 million a year. … more

Take That CNN

MAGA hat-wearing Dennis Rodman openly weeps over Trump-Kim summit in CNN interview, blasts ObamaDennis Rodman sports MAGA hat while interviewing with CNN Click Here for Story


Dems and Libs try to spin away the Trump Kim Summit success Click Here for Details

The Carrot

President Donald Trump told reporters that part of his hard sell to Kim Jong-un on Tuesday involved encouraging him keep his word on nukes so he could have economic sanctions dropped and ultimately develop his country's beaches POTUS showed Kim Jong Un what North Korea could look like without nukes and with good business Click Here for Story and Video

Summit Details

 War games go on hold sanctions stay for now Click Here for Story

Out of Touch

AlecBaldwinMocksGeorgeWashingtonAlec Baldwin thinks he could beat Trump in election Click Here for Details


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