Wednesday June 6, 2018

Over the Edge…Left

Is California what the Democrats are becoming? Click Here for Story

State Aid To School District Much More Than Newspaper Claims

 A Detroit-area newspaper is claiming its local school district serving 3,200 plus-students is underfunded, but the evidence it cites underreports the amount of assistance the district receives — by almost 50 percent. … more

Criticizing the University Snowflake Professors

Two Harlen diner owners rail against Liberal professors who guilt white students Click Here for Story

Finally Getting What He Deserves?

Bill Clinton takes heat for lack of apology to Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton gets hammered over his treatment of Monica Lewinsky Click Here for Story

Will They Listen?

 US asks OPEC to up production? Click Here for Story

New Republicans

 The elitists are not the future of the Republican Party…Trump is Click Here for Details

Do It

The President can force the Senate to not go to recess? Click Here for Story

Clinton Email Update

The latest on Clinton Weiner lap top investigation Click Here for Details

Told You So?

Image result for rodman and jong un Would Dennis Rodman have a role in North Korean summit? Click Here for Story



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