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Censure Schumer

Conservative demand Senator Schumer be censured over his threats against SCOTUS Justices Click Here for Details

Not For the Working Man?

Joe Biden yells at factory worker in DetroitJoe Biden tells Detroit worker he’s full of sh!t Click Here for Details

Disputed Union Wages Could Cost Taxpayers In County Construction Projects

Now Saginaw faces lawsuit over policy board passed by slim margin

Media Caught in Their Own Lie Again

California’s Democrat Governor says POTUS has done all that was asked over Coronavirus Click Here for Details

Giving Public Dollars To Private Interests Violates The Public Interest

So ruled Michigan’s most famous jurist back in 1871

Fighting the Panic

POTUS and GOP mull ways to fight against the media spread panic over Coronavirus Click Here for Details

Bernie’s Not Serious About Running

Won’t comment on Joe Biden dementia issues Click Here for Story

Biden Corruption

Joe Biden’s brother also profited from political connection Click Here for Details


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