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China Propaganda Is A Move for Supremacy

China’s motive is to be the world super power? Click Here for Details

Emergency Powers Under Michigan Law

A quick overview of how these rarely used laws work

Detroit School Problems Weren’t Caused By Coronavirus Or Funding ‘Disparity’

The ‘poor districts get less’ claim goes against years of data collected and posted by state officials

Why Is There a Mask Shortage

Don’t blame the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Doing Well in Public Opinion

Gallup: Trump job approval rating matches all-time highPOTUS polling well as he handles Coronavirus Click Here for Details

Virus Has Long Surface Life?

Can live on surfaces for as long as 17 days Click Here for Story

Hazmats in the Senate?

Will quarantined Senators show up in Hazmat suits to vote? Click Here for Details

Nancy’s Virus

Corona aid bill was almost done until Speaker Pelosi stopped it Click Here for Story

What Happened to These People?

A woman wearing a Minnie Mouse face mask looks at her mobile phone in Beijing on February 11, 2020. - The death toll from a new coronavirus outbreak surged past 1,000 on February 11 as the World Health Organization warned infected people who have not travelled to China could be … China had 21 million phone users just diappear during Corona outbreak? Click Here for Details

What’s Russia’s Corona Virus Problem?

Reports of low numbers but is that real? Click Here for Details

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