Wednesday March 4, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Updates: Super Tuesday Results

No sweep for Bernie? Results as they come in Click Here for Details  Delegate Count Here 

Bloomberg Wants Your Guns

Mike Bloomberg gets confronted over his 2nd Amendment stance Click Here for Details

Biden Does Too…

And willing to let Beto O’Rourke take charge of that Click Here for Story

Scaring Kids With A Lie

The much touted Climate scam is frightening our children Click Here for Story

Giving A Friend A Manicure Or Haircut Is Illegal in Michigan

And getting the license takes more training than homebuilders or EMTs

Fed Looks to Fight Coronavirus Scare

Half point interest rate drop to combat jittery Wall Street? Click Here for Details

Lawmakers, Education Officials Looking To Inject Gender Politics Into Michigan Schools

Yet no cultural consensus in sight on introducing this to schoolchildren

Greece Digs In

Military and Police fight back against invading illegals Click Here for Story

Blocking Bernie

DNC, and Media now openly pushing Biden to stop Bernie Click Here for Details

What Pandemic?

Japanese police officers in Tokyo on Sunday. (Photo by Philip Fong/AFP via Getty Images) Facts Matter on where most cases are Click Here for Story

Opening the Door

greeks Turkey is opening the door to mass migration into Europe Click Here for Story

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