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The Schiff Show!

Image result for adam schiff Democrats control Republican witness list Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Not So Moderate

(Photo by Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/via Getty Images)  Joe Biden rejects moderation and wants fundamental change like his progressive rivals? Click Here for Story

Delay is Good?

Former Congressman says the delayed IG report means criminal prosecution is imminent Click Here for Story

College Instructors Not Getting Rich, But Downtrodden A Stretch

$69k community college instructor, union president laments poor pay in newspaper essay


What to watch for on DACA case Click Here for Story

So Much for Global Warming

Millions now in the deep freeze Click Here for Details

Not Justice

Rep Nunes says Adam Schiff is only allowing witnesses that fit his narrative Click Here for Details

It Is Not Illegal to Out the Whistle Blower

Anonymity Is NOT Guaranteed

Whistleblowers: What does US law say about them?Only the Intel IG is not allowed to say whistle blower name? Click Here for Story

Setting Greta Straight

An op-ed to main stream media darling Greta Thuneberg Click Here for Details

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