Wednesday October 12, 2016

Can It Get Any More Crooked?

LynchClinton-AP DOJ and Clinton campaign coordinated Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

 Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Michigan GOP Stays Quiet on Trump

GOP civil war is being ramped up by media Click Here for Story and Video

Closest Thing to Immortality? Government Programs

  A number of sources attribute jokes about government programs being the closest thing to immortality to President Ronald Reagan.  … more

Media Thinks Finding More Trump Comments Can Stop Him

They don’t understand the people don’t care Click Here for Details

Tuition Up 3.9 Percent, But U-M Finds $85 Million More For ‘Diversity’

  Officials at the University of Michigan announced last week that the school will spend an additional $85 million over the next five years to promote diversity and inclusivity on its campuses. … more

Big Win for Business

 Court rules structure of Obama’s Consumer bureau is unconstitutional Click Here for Story

Even Dems Think Hillary is a Liar

Latest email leaks show Hillary’s closest allies thinks she has problems telling the truth Click Here for Details

Hillary Got Townhall Questions in Advance

Cheating her way through the Democrat primary? Click Here for Story

Dems Play Both Sides of Morality

Destroying old fashioned values until the want to play victim Click Here for Details

Yup Media Bias

Hillary Clinton Clinton camps boats most interviewers are supporting Hillary Click Here for Story

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