Wednesday October 28, 2015

Washtenaw Restaurants

How does your favorite place stack up Click Here for Details

Feds Sue Pittsfield

Pittsfield_Township_Hall.jpg  Feds don’t like when municipalities say no to Islam Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Governor’s Plans For Detroit Schools Allows Leader to Limit School Choice

Charter school proponents are criticizing Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to overhaul Detroit Public Schools, which they fear could put too much power in the hands of a chief education officer for all public schools within the geographical boundaries of the district.  … more

Here’s Who Voted to Increase Gas and Vehicle Registration Taxes

Here’s a look at who voted for what as the state Legislature voted to raise gas and diesel taxes and to increase the vehicle registration tax. … more

One Justice Away

 Could you lose your 2nd amendment rights if there is one more Liberal Judge on SCOTUS? Click Here for Details

Top Three GOP

Trump and Carson battle for first as Ted Cruz moves into 3rd for 2016 Click Here for Details

PC Lunacy

What has Political Correctness done to us? Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

The Idiocy of MSNBC

Image result for melissa harris perry  Anchor says “hard worker” is now not politically correct enough to use? Click Here for Story

GOP and White House Cut Deal?

IS a budget deal done? Click Here for Details and Video

Poking the Panda

Image result for spratly islands dispute  US Destroyer passes near man made Islands that China is claiming Click Here for Story and Video

Defending Against Jihad

rifles_shotguns Islamic immigrant wave is pushing Europeans to buy guns for defense Click Here for Details

The Cost of Obama-Boehner Deals

This isn’t very conservative Click Here for Story

Say It Ain’t So…

Bacon  Bacon as bad as asbestos? Click Here for Details

What Conservatives are Actually Left in Congress?

936760_10151572510233205_1645779459_nEven the Freedom Caucus has betrayed the US on immigration? Click Here for Story

About Time

GOP moves to Impeach IRS Chief Click Here for Story

Obama’s War

Two premature pull outs lead to Obama sending US troops back into combat Click Here for Details and Video

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