Wednesday October 3, 2018

Flaking Out?

Sen. Jeff flake, R-Ariz., appears at a hearing in Washington, D.C. Will Flake support Kavanaugh or go against his word? Click Here for Details

FBI Done Wednesday?

Will the FBI be done with its Kavanaugh investigation Wednesday? Click Here for Story

Happy New (Fiscal) Year; State Spending Up But Not By Much

Inflation-adjusted figures show Snyder mostly held the line on spending

Michigan Wages and Benefits Recovers 

But private-sector compensation lags

Lindsey Mans Up

WATCH: Lindsey Graham goes scorched earth on NBC for leading the ‘destruction of Kavanaugh’Senator Graham bashes media for Kavanaugh coverage Click Here for Story

Truer Words Never Spoken

POTUS calls media part of Democratic party Click Here for Details

China Aggression

Chinese warship closes on US warship Click Here for Details

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