Friday February 22, 2012

Being On Top Has It’s Drawbacks

A2 School Superintendent has to dispel rumors after coming out on top in salary Click Here for Details

Cold Case Continues Being Unsolved

Murder in abandoned Green Oak house still unsolved Click Here for Story

Road Salt Use Should Be Part Of Infrastructure Discussion

By Mark Cornwell | 2/21/2013

Gov. Rick Snyder has said we need to do something about the condition of our roads. But nowhere in the debate is any talk about what has gotten us into this deferred maintenance quagmire — a 30-year experiment with escalating dependence on road salt and the magnitude of damage it brings. … more

Talent Mercantilists Running Amok In Michigan

Growing the state’s economy is more than just having more degrees

By James M. Hohman | 2/21/2013

Mercantilism was the 17th century idea that the only thing a nation needed to become prosperous was to increase its stock of gold and silver. Talent mercantilists just substitute college degrees for precious metals, assuming that more college graduates are evidence of more talent in the economy. … more

I Wanna Drive the Bus!


CATA has big money bus drivers Click Here for Details



Sad Sack Secretary of Defense

Photo - FILE - In this Jan. 31, 2013, file photo, Republican Chuck Hagel, President Obama's choice for Defense Secretary, testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. Senate Republicans on Feb. 14, 2013, temporarily blocked a full Senate vote on Hagel's nomination as defense secretary.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)


Hagel won’t get better even after confirmation Click Here for Details


Surviving Columbine

Survivor tells why he wrote scathing Obama letter Click Here for Video

Scare Tactics

Democrats look to scare populous over fairly minor cuts in the sequestor Click Here for Details

Eeewwwww That’s Not Good

Body found in water tower at LA hotel and the water did taste funny Click Here for Story

Raising the Price of Ammo

147% jump in prices Click Here for Details

Sequester Will Delay Your Taxes

Another scare tactic or the truth? Click Here for Story







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