Monday November 28, 2016

Trump Won Popular Vote

During his election campaign, Donald Trump threatened if elected to reverse the historic rapprochement between the the US and Cuba realized under President Barack ObamaHillary’s total votes still include illegals votes and fraud votes Click Here for Story

Romney A Problem

Kellyanne Conway has taken a public stand against the selection of Mitt Romney, although she has said she will stand behind whatever decision Trump ultimately makes. (AP Photo)Trump pick of Romney for Secretary of State would be a big issue to supporters says Conway Click Here for Story

Thunder Asthma?

Freak storm leaves tragic results Click Here for Details and Video  link contributed by Joanna S

You Can Now Drink and Ride a Pedal Pub in Detroit

  The Detroit City Council voted to allow people to drink alcohol on pedal pubs, those unusual-looking quadricycles found in cities nationwide and popular in Detroit. … more

Pelosi Feeling the Heat

Junior Dems plot strategy as leadership vote loomsJunior Democrats want a change in Dem leadership Click Here for Story

China’s Ghost Cities

Are they still empty? Click Here for Details

Media Ignores Attempted Race War?

Bomb planted at elementary school? Click Here for Details

Recount is Hillary Breaking Her Word?

Hillary had a deal with Trump that either would concede after CNN  called the race Click Here for Story

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