The News YOU Need to Know Monday July 8, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Macron Plays Dirty Politics in France?

Hundreds of candidates withdraw allowing the Socialists and Communists to win and prevent a RIght wing win? Click Here for Story

Biden Physician Corruption?

Has Biden’s physician been getting paid from questionable sources? Click Here for Details

Your Money Supporting Illegals

New York City hotels making big money off taxpayers to house illegals Click Here for Story

Dirty Department of (In)Justice

The corrupt Department of Justice looks for other ways to punish Trump supporters after SCOTUS ruling Click Here for Story

Democrats Ruin Everything

Chicago keeps killing its own citizens due to Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Thank You Elon for the Common Sense

Elon Musk shows support for banning non-citizens voting in America. Isn’t this already illegal? Click Here for Details

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