The News YOU Need to Know Sunday July 7, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Scripted Presidency

White House is giving questions to those who want to interview Biden Click Here for Story

Dr. Dementia?

Jill Biden is lashing out at those who want to remove Biden from the 2024 election? Click Here for Details

Dangerous Soda?

FDA to ban a common ingredient in many sodas? Click Here for Story

Free Speech Under Attack

Is Big Government and AI putting your freedoms at risk? Click Here for Details

Can the Right Save France?

As Western European culture flounders under mass immigration the political right is gaining strength and opposing the death of western values Click Here for Details

Chinese Invasion

Is the Biden Admin facilitating a Chinese invasion at the southern border? Click Here for Story

Violent Democrats

Why do Democrats support cultural terrorism? Click Here for Story

Ummm… Duh?

BIden’s physician was meeting with Parkison’s Specialist since last July? Click Here for Details

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