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Liar in Chief…In Waiting?

VP Kamala Harris proves to be as big a liar as Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Trump Wins at SCOTUS

The Supreme Court gave a fairly big win for Presidential Immunity Click Here for Story

And…There You Go

Replacing Biden and Democrats not giving Kamala Harris his spot is racist? Of course it is its what Democrats do Click Here for Details

Wayne-Westland School District facing $30M deficit

Deficit caused by overspending, clerical error

Recession Theories

What really is going on with the US, its debt and possible recession Click Here for Story

Spineless Republicans

Speaker Johnson and alleged “firebrand” Paulina Luna soften on Merrick Garland instead of holding him to the same laws as republicans Click Here for Details

The EV Infrastructure Problem

Its real and its one of many real problems the transition to Electric Vehicles has Click Here for Story

Importing Possible Terrorists

Why is the Biden Admin bringing back illegals shipped out by the Trump Admin? Immigration officials are alarmed Click Here for Story

Only Kamala Can Replace Biden?

Dennis Kucinich has his own theory on replacing Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Congress Needs to Get Back to Doing It’s Work

Congress needs to fulfill its duties and write laws instead of letting the deep state regulation make rules Click Here for Details

Not Representing America

When non-Americans are running Congress why would you expect them to put America first? Click Here for Story

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