The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday July 9, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dark Brandon?

Biden campaign says “Dark Brandon” is back and strong enough to beat Trump? Click Here for Story

Could It Be Dr. Ben?

Could Dr. Ben Carson end up being the VP pick for Trump? Click Here for Details

Joe won’t Go?

Biden defiant against calls for him to step down from 2024 race Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Bills aim to return Michigan to bad old days of dues skim

Home healthcare workers overwhelmingly opted out of shady union funding practice when given the chance

Nothing Else Matters…

Don’t ignore the news and don’t sit on the sidelines there is a future at stake in today’s politics Click Here for Story

Michigan’s new green energy plan looks like its old plan

A decade after losing millions on ‘next-gen’ projects, Michigan gets federal approval for relaxed loan guidelines Read more

United Airlines Goes Full Woke?

Kicks mom and baby off airline for apparent mis-gendering of flight attendant? Click Here for Story

This IS Really Pathetic

Aides to Biden are scripting every move? Click Here for Details

Weaponized Government

If they can go after the political opposition they’ll come after you next Click Here for Story

Eating Their Own…

When Unions go on strike against each other? Click Here for Story

Only Massive Cheating Can Beat Trump

In a fair election Trump will beat Biden or any replacement the Dems throw in the ring Click Here for Details

New World Order

India talks to Russia as Russia draws closer to Beijing? Click Here for Story

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