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Protecting the Corruption

Senator Schumer and others want to keep Trump and other outsiders from ever exposing their corruption again Click Here for Details

Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ Should Be Thrown Overboard 

It racks up too much debt, isn’t targeted and includes priorities unrelated to COVID Read more

Modern American Society Is Just SO Wrong

Blaming the innocent while giving violence and corruption a pass Click Here for Story

City Official Prospers In Pandemic As Businesses And Workers Struggle

While many lost income or even a life’s work, this Michigan mayor got a 13% pay hike

The Skunk That He Is

McConnell sides with Dems to blame Trump supporters and the President for violence Click Here for Details

This Is Biden’s Health Secretary??

Dr. Rachel L. Levine holding a sign: Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Rachel Levine meets with the media at Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency headquarters in May. (Joe Hermitt/The Patriot-News file via AP)

It gets more ridiculous by the day Click Here for Story

Not Meeting The Fraud

POTUS Trump will not meet with Biden before leaving office Click Here for Story

Destroying America

America’s enemies are salivating over Biden policies Click Here for Details

Gun Registration

Democrats in the House are Already Working on Forcing You to Register Your Guns

Thought it wouldn’t happen? Get ready Click Here for Details

What’s Good for the Goose….

Charging Snyder? Then Charge Whitmer and Nessel Click Here for Story

MSM Nazis

Send Trump supporters to camp for de-programming? Click Here for Details

Pardon Mwa?

POTUS doing his final pardons Click Here for Details

How Long Before Joe Gets the Bus Tracks?

Media already prepping to replace Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

The Disgrace of Schiff

Intel Chairman is the posterchild for corruption and lies in government Click Here for Details

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