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Proof of Democrats Wanting Illegals to Vote

Biden Admin says it will veto the Save Act which requires proof of citizenship to vote Click Here for Story

The Democrat’s Assault on America

From legally charging the political opposition, to lying to Americans and for importing millions of illegals to vote in elections, the Democrats are destroying America from within Click Here for Story

Election Fraud Proof?

Thousands of duplicate ballots were counted in Georgia Click Here for Details

Its the Economy…

Republicans need to stick to the real issues and not focus on Biden? Click Here for Story

Who spent $13M on five state museums?

Legislature doesn’t name sponsors of grants in 2025 Michigan state budget

Team Obama Pushing for Biden Removal

Has the shadow government spoken? Ex-Obama aides are the loudest voices to remove Biden Click Here for Details

Remember the Alamo?

Will woke culture destroy another American historical legacy? Click Here for Details

The Green Scam Continues

Its getting more and more obvious that the climate agenda scam is just about enriching certain people and groups Click Here for Story

Biden’s Michigan Disaster?

will Biden help or hurt himself if he comes to Michigan? Click Here for Details

Where Does Slotkin Stand?

Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin is trying to ride the fence on Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Supporting the Save Act

Even Elon Musk knows that only American citizens should be voting in US elections Click Here for Details

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