Thursday December 27, 2012

 First Storm of the Season

Winter storm ices roads and causes accidents Click Here for Details

Gun Fire Not Normal for Local Firefighters

Plenty of risk for our bravest but not usually from guns Click Here for Story

Things Government Shouldn’t be Involved In

Stasdiums are always losers for government? Click Here for Details

Recalls: Who Will Unions Focus On?

Those recalled may be on both sides of the RTW issue Click Here for Story

Quid Pro Quo?

GOP Senators saying they want Clinton to Testify to Confirm Kerry Click Here for Details

What Lies Are We Being Told

State Dept resignations are real? Click Here for Details

New Record Debt on New Years Eve

16.40 Trillion debt load for first of year Click Here for Story

Christian Country?

Poll shows 77% of people claim to be Christians in US Click Here for Details

Let It Out?

Expressing anger may add years to your life Click Here for Story

Sticking It to the Cops?

Did NBC’s David Gregory defy the DC police on high capacity magazine? Click Here for Details



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