Thursday March 28, 2013

Thanks Commissioners?

Could Washtenaw lose funding due to short sighted union giveaway? Click Here for Details

Where’s the Taxpayer Outrage?

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

Once again politicians have shown how in bed they are with their union financiers.  It’s not just Washington DC that’s on the grift.  Did the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners approve 10 year union contracts last week to help the union leadership avoid the possibility of losing membership dues by skirting the State of Michigan’s new Right to Work law?

Now legislators in Lansing are looking to punish state universities, school districts and municipalities who are in essence trying to subsidize union leaders and the funders of their own campaigns.  Sound harsh? It’s meant to be.  How much longer will we continue to vote for politicians who put the wants of the few over the needs of the taxpayers?

The entire Washtenaw County Board approved the exceedingly long and extraordinary contracts with the exception of lone dissenter Commissioner Dan Smith who voted no because he felt there was not enough data shown as to how this could affect the county long term. We should all thank Commissioner Smith for thinking equally of the taxpayers of the county and not just the 1300+ well paid county employees.

The remaining County Commissioners should be ashamed of themselves and we as voters should be outraged at their singleminded decision to protect those who fund their political campaigns.  Election time is not that far off, start reminding your friends and neighbors now how these politicians put themselves and their employees ahead of the common good.

Bravata Gulity

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 Five Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea

Politicians help Big Hollywood soak taxpayers for few benefits, much harm

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Spending taxpayer money on movie-making is ideal for the major players who influence public opinion: It has the benefit of looking like government is “doing something!” to create jobs while at the same time bringing recognizable stars to the state. But political decisions have real world consequences and the results of the Michigan film subsidy program are almost uniformly bad. Government should get out of the movie production business once and for all. … more

HHS Admits Obamacare Increases Costs

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Kroger Reaches Deal With Union Postponing Right-to-Work Law

By Tom Gantert | 3/27/2013

The Kroger employees in Michigan signed a four-year deal that will prevent them from having a choice to leave the union without paying agency fees when the deal was ratified less than a week before right-to-work became law. … more

Rushing Immigration?

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Shotgun Adapter

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Supreme Court Blasts Obama

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Bloomberg the Hypocrite

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Cyprus Banks to Open

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Even Gold Won’t Help?

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