Tuesday November 22, 2016

Justice for Seth

The parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich are vowing to not let his case go unforgotten and unsolved. (Screenshot/LinkedIn)Parents of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich wont’ stop looking for answers Click Here for Story

Japan Rocked by 7+ Quake

Tsunami warnings issued Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor SuperFund Site?

Gelman Sciences plume has petition submitted Click Here for Details

Obamacare in Michigan: 32 Percent More Than Projected Take Medicaid Expansion

  Higher-than-projected enrollments following Michigan’s adoption of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion could cost state taxpayers as much as $380 million a year if current trends continue over the next five years. … more

Why Surprised?

Stocks and Investors are surprisingly positive about Trump as President Click Here for Details and Video

State Not Transparent with Effectiveness of Multi-Million-Dollar Program

   Michigan taxpayers have spent a whopping $261 million on tourism promotion over the past decade with little to show for it, other than some feel-good commercials and flashy billboards highlighting the most photogenic parts of the state. … more

Sessions Is NOT a Racist

Black man who worked for Sen. Jeff Sessions dispels notion that his former boss is racistSome are telling the truth against the left and the media’s attempt to paint Senator Jeff Sessions as a racist Click Here for Story

No Justice

Blacks who beat a “White Boy Trump Supporter” will not be charged with Federal hate crime Click Here for Story

Barack’s Flood

borderpatrolBorder Patrol ordered to leave border open to illegals? Click Here for Details

UAW Caught Off Guard with Ford

Trump tweet saying Ford was keeping SUV production in Kentucky instead of Mexico was a surprise to the Union Click Here for Details and Video

Obama Not Serious About ISIS

 General Keane says Obama never asked military for a plan to actually defeat ISIS Click Here for Story

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